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Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Win Emila’s 2010 Calendar

The printing is scheduled middle of November but the publisher is in need of relevant quotes for my calendar. As they know that my schedule is quite tight, they suggested that I open it to my readers to find the most suitable quotes for all illustrations and win the calendar. Yes, it’s like a small contest and this time the prizes are sponsored by my publisher :D

So, are you game for it?

Here’s how:
1. Find the best quote that fits each illustration below (you can google or search in the internet).
2. Post the quote (along with the name of the person who quoted it – example: At the touch of love, everyone is a poet ~ Plato) along with the illustration/month ID in my comment box. Don’t forget your name and e-mail
3. One person can suggest only one illustration/month to give chance to other people to win as well.

12 x Emila’s 2010 Illustrated Calendar!

Closing date:
8 November 2009

Who can enter:
Local + International

Jan 2010 Feb 2010

jan 2010 feb 2010

Mar 2010 Apr 2010

mar 2010 apr 2010

May 2010 Jun 2010

may 2010 jun 2010

Jul 2010 Aug 2010

july 2010 aug 2010

Sep 2010 Oct 2010

sep 2010 oct 2010

Nov 2010 Dec 2010

nov 2010 dec 2010

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