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Ahad, 28 Jun 2009

tutorial - baby food jar pincushion

Finally! After so many months of procrastination I managed to finish this tutorial and share it. A few of you were begging to hurry up and post this tutorial already, sorry about the delay ladies.

OK, let's go directly to work. For this pincushion your will need...

Any size baby food jar (empty and clean of course. I like the tiny ones), glue gun, thread and needle, poly fill (that is how is called, right?) or fluffy pillow stuff, a piece of fabric cut in a 5" diameter circle and some ribbon (enough to cover around the jar lid).

Make a knot at the end of your thread and needle so it does not come off the fabric. Take needle and tread and sew around your fabric circle over the edge, DO NOT finish off. Use a simple stitch because you will be pulling the thread to close the circle. While you do this your glue gun should be getting hot and ready to use.

Place the handful of fluffy pillow stuffing in the middle of your fabric and gather by pulling your thread with the needle.

Use you hand to squish the fabric and stuffing to give it some shape and to continue sewing around.

Secure with a knot, and finish off. Cut your thread and the top of your pincushion should look like this.

This is how you will place the pincushion over the jar lid (please ignore that pink thread coming out from under the lid).

With your glue gun ready, pour enough glue on top of the lid. Be careful because the lid gets hot (I know, my poor glue gun looks disgusting. I will get a new one, I promise)

Immediately after you put some glue on your lid, place the pincushion on top (stitched part down)and press firmly to glue it to the lid. Keep pressing until the hot glue has cooled down and the pincushion stays on there neatly.

This is how the jar and lid should look after gluing the pincushion part.

To conceal the messy part of the pincushion and lid, we are going to glue some ribbon around the lid. Use a wide enough ribbon so it covers part of the lid and part of the pincushion edge too. Work this part little by little to make a neat finish and be careful with the hot glue.

Glue all the way around the lid, secure and cut the excess ribbon.

VoilĂ ! Our pincushion is finished :)

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you have any questions or there are some typing mistakes, please let me know.
Thanks for stopping by!


melorr berkata...

simple and sweet!

jom makan berkata...

aah melorr,ingat nak cuba buat la,tutorial tu jumpa masa jln2,cope n paste kot2 boleh buat nanti...tq la datang blog sy yang bersepah2 ni...

Kakasma berkata...

jom makan..ape nak panggil kat kamu nie..pepun suka tul dgn n3 yng di post..hari hair jenguk tapi payah nak tggl jejak..banyak ilmu kat sini Tahniah and suka sangat>Terimakasih yea

jom makan berkata...

salam kakasma,tq selalu ke umah saya yang x seberapa tu,panggil saje imanmom,ibu kepada iman...masih baru kat sini tak tau camne nak tukar jom makan pada selalu jgk g umah awak...


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