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Selasa, 30 Jun 2009

Quick and Easy Half Apron

By: Ashley Johnston of Make It and Love It

Quickly sew up a half apron in your favorite fabric with this easy tutorial from Ashley Johnston of Make It and Love It. The pocket is a cute touch and a handy place to stash those teaspoons. This simple sewing project is great for beginners, but also makes a quick gift for Mother's Day, birthdays and more. For a touch of personalization, try embroidering the monogram of your recipient.

Quick and Easy Half Apron


  • 1 piece of fabric 18 x 25 inches (main piece)
  • 1 piece of fabric 4 x 25 inches (waistband)
  • 2 pieces of fabric 4 x 35 inches (ties)
  • 1 pieces of fabric 6 x 8 inches (pocket)
  • coordinating thread
  • scissors, sewing machine, etc.

Use 1/2 inch seams unless otherwise noted.


  1. Start by making the ties. Sew along the long side, with right sides together. Curve your seam at one end, if you want, to give it a more finished look.

    Easy Half Apron 1
  2. Like this. Then trim. Turn them both right side out. Iron flat.

    Easy Half Apron 2
  3. Top-stitch really close to the edge, all the way around both ties.

    Easy Half Apron 3
  4. Next, fold over the long edges of your waistband, about 1/4 inch. Iron. Then fold over the ends a 1/4 inch and iron.

    Easy Half Apron 4
  5. Then fold the whole waistband in half lengthwise and iron.

    Easy Half Apron
  6. Next, your going to sew around 3 edges of the main piece. The 2 sides (shorter sides) and the bottom (one of the longer sides). Turn under each edge a 1/4 inch, and then 1/4 inch again. Sew.

    Easy Half Apron 6
  7. See all 3 sides that are sewn?

    Easy Half Apron
  8. Next, lay your main piece right side up with the unfinished edge at the top. Align your waistband up at the top.

    Easy Half Apron
  9. And fold the other half of the waistband over the top. Pin in place and sew close to the bottom edge, leaving the 2 ends open.

    Easy Half Apron
  10. Next, your going to attach the 2 ties to each end. But first, you'll need to fold each unfinished end just a little bit so that it will fit nicely into the opening. If you'd rather not do this, just make your strips 4 x 34 inches (instead of 4 x 35) and they should slide right in without folding. I just like the look of it.

    Easy Half Apron
  11. Then sew close to the edge to secure the ties in place. Cute, right?

    Easy Half Apron 11
  12. Lastly, the pocket. Fold over the top edge (one of the shorter ends) 1/4 inch with wrong sides together. Then flip that sewn edge back and fold over 1 inch with right side together. Sew along the edge, 1/4 seam allowance. Trim the corners.

    Easy Half Apron
  13. Then turn that section right side out. This is the top of your pocket. It makes it all nice and neat looking.
  14. Now fold the 2 sides in 1/4 inch and then fold the bottom up 1/4 inch. Iron into place.

    Easy Half Apron 12
  15. Then pin your pocket onto your apron. (You'll notice my ties aren't sewn on yet. I did it in a different order.)

    Easy Half Apron 14



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